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Australian Camera Sales – How it Does its Lower Shipping Service

One of the perks of shopping online is buying the item in the comfort of your home and to just wait for it to be delivered to your front door. When ordering gadgets such as a DSLR camera from a camera and accessories online store, you can have it shipped by a courier from the shop. This is how a camera online shop like Australian Camera Sales does the shipping service.







Safety as a top priority

Since a DSLR camera is a delicate item, Australian Camera Sales, a leading camera online shop takes safety as a top priority. They ensure the item arrives good and without any defect such as dents caused by mishandling. The item is packed professionally and enclosed in appropriate packing materials and never in boxes that are too small just to save. Boxes are also labeled with the buyer’s name and address. Taking safety as a top priority ensures buyers receive their items like video cameras as good as expected.

With competitive flat rate

Online shops like Australian Camera Sales offer competitive flat rate because they have accounts with several couriers. This allows them to save as using the postal office cost more. They make sure they are not locked in one shipping or courier. Shipping  items like a DSLR camera to a commercial or business address costs more in some couriers so online shops choose the courier that charge less when shipping to residential address. Since the shipping is outsourced, shops offering camera sales saves a lot from maintaining warehouse, staff and rentals, and this allows lower and competitive shipping rates as well as prompt deliveries for customers.

Using flat rate boxes

Many online shops like Australian Camera Sales ships their products using the flat rate boxes because it is one of the cheapest options thus allowing them to offer cheaper shipping fees for their clients especially when ordering delicate items such as mirrorless camera and other electronic devices.

Zone skipping

Shipping large products would have dimensional and actual product weight add to the shipping rate especially when shipping across Australia. Australia camera sales use zone skipping where it uses a consolidator service that gathers all items to be shipped in a particular zone and dispatch the items to their customer within the same zone. The saving from using the zone skipping helps cover cost of express delivery services while maintaining prompt delivery as promised especially when shipping professional drones.

Excessive shipping fee is annoying and you won’t experience it when you shop your camera and accessories need with Australian Camera Sales.

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