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Exciting Capri Escapade

italyrentalWithout a doubt, Capri should be part of your Italian holiday. This island in the Bay of Naples is a favorite among the rich and the famous. If you are on a budget, you can still explore this area on a day trip. But a lot of people find that they can’t leave the peace and beauty of this town after just one day.

Capri is just the size of Central Park in New York which does not allow it to have its own airport, geographically speaking. The closest one is in Naples which means that you will have to ride the ferry to get here.

Renting a Car in Capri

Some people get on a ferry on foot and decide to get their car rental Italy in the island. But that is close to impossible since there are no car rental companies here. If you are planning to drive around Capri, it would be better to rent one in the mainland and then bring your car onto the ferry.

Type of Car to Drive

Travel experts recommend vacationers to get small cheap car hire in Italy (billige autovermietung Italien) more often than not. A lot of areas in Rome and Amalfi are pretty narrow, after all, and it would be more convenient to drive those kinds of car. But you need not think about this when you are in Capri. You can even drive a limo if that is what you really want.

Car Prohibitions

One of the things which you should remember is the fact that you cannot bring your rental car to Capri at certain times of the year. If you traveled here during the low season which is from November to March, you may be allowed. But don’t worry about getting stuck in your vacation home if you don’t have a car during the peak season. Vehicles are of little use in Capri since everything is walking distance.

Exceptions on Car Use during the Peak Season

Unfortunately, there are no exceptions whatsoever to that local rule. If you have a cheap car rental in Italy  already, it would be better to leave it in one of the secure parking areas in Naples. There are several companies offering this kind of service such as the Parcheggio Brin, Garage Ferraris and the Parcheggio Mergellina, among so many others. This can be a bit pricey although they do give discounts depending on how long you plan to leave your car with them.

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