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Making Your Special Day Extra Special

Marrying someone is something that requires a lot of thought. When you’ve finally decided to tie the knot, happily married couples enjoy looking back at their wedding. Whether stored away in the attic or live-streamed on social media, wedding photography is something that gives you nice keepsakes from your big day.

Despite how happy you may be about getting married, you may feel a bit of anxiety with capturing your wedding glow. After all, we’re not all completely photogenic or even remotely comfortable in front of, let alone know how to work, a camera. But regardless of how you perceive yourself, everyone deserves to feel good looking back on the day they get married.

While looking through the polished wedding photos on Facebook can make you feel the pressure of looking perfect for the day, it’s important to keep in mind the spirit of your wedding. Marriage should feel like a celebration; the union of two people for the rest of their lives. When you’re celebrating something as personal as this, you deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin, so it’s best to avoid things that stress you out if you could help it.

One good point to start with is through a change in your diet. Preparing your day by eating healthy gives back in the way you look and feel during your big photo shoot. Think of the wedding photography as a production; good lighting, good settings, and a cooperative subject make all the difference. It isn’t surprising to note how certain foods can help you feel great; eating fruits regularly gives you a healthy glow and a boost in energy and immunity while cutting back on coffee can reduce stress and clear your skin.

Additionally, you could start prepping your meals for you and your team to save you the hassle of scraping a decent meal together in the hectic weeks leading up to your big day. Aside from making sure you don’t miss your wedding photography shoot because of a late lunch run, a good mix of nuts and fruit can give you the energy boost you need and clean out your system. Plus, good food takes the edge off a stressful day. Being armed with a healthy snack could make your day easier when working with a team in Auckland. Wedding photographers usually carry themselves professionally, but the weather could always make things a little harder for your editing team with a little unexpected rain.

Being able to move comfortably while attending to guests and loved ones is something especially useful when capturing candid moments on camera. When you have the right people on your team, wedding photography could be a fun, memorable experience for everyone involved.

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