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Skin Treatment Tips for Excess Hair Growth

If you’re bothered with excess hair growth in places where hair caused by cosmetic problems, it’s time to go to your dermatologist for temporary or permanent hair removal. Skin treatments Top Ryde¬†defines this skin problem as Hirsutism and the good thing is that it can be treated by simple method of hair removal.

Normally, women have only fine hair on areas such upper lips, chest, chin and abdomen however some women suffer from Hirsutism where hair grows in excess in such areas. This condition usually leads to embarrassment and at the worst very annoying. Skin treatment Top Ryde advises women to seek treatment and medications especially when other symptoms like acne, increased muscle mass, decreased breast size and abnormal menstrual period are present.

laserhairremovalThere are underlying factors that causing excess hair growth in some women. It includes genetics where such condition runs in the family. Race and ethnicity are also contributing factors as some groups of people have higher risk like those women in South Asia, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries. Menopause is another factor pointed to excess hair growth.

While laser hair removal Sydney recommends permanent hair removal method, temporary methods such as shaving, waxing or plucking can get rid of hair excess hair growth. However, it is best to use right shaving or waxing solutions, as hair tends to re-grow thicker. Waxing is a safe method but can be painful. You can also use depilatories creams to remove unwanted hairs from larger areas such as legs, arms and thighs. It is also best to test any depilatory before using to prevent adverse reactions.

Electrolysis is a permanent treatment for Hirsutism. This type of treatment uses electrical current that is delivered into the hair follicles and consequently burn away hair permanently. However, this treatment is expensive and demands repeated sessions as the process could only be applied on limited amount.

Laser hair removal is another permanent treatment for excess hair growth. Laser beams are used in damaging the hair follicle causing the hair to fall out thus removing the excess hair. Like skin rejuvenation, it demands repeated sessions and can be expensive. For better results, go only to professional cosmetologists or dermatologist. Make sure your skin treatment clinic or laser hair removal Sydney has approved laser machines and uses laser appropriate for your skin type. This is very important because results are dependent on your skin type.

When dealing with any skin problem, it’s best to have better understanding of your skin type as skin care regimens and treatments depend on skin types. Following this simple tip will help you choose the appropriate skin care plan and avoid the hit or miss variety.

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