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The Need for a Private Building Certifier in Sydney

The Australian government is very strict when it comes to regulations on putting-up houses or buildings whether it’s on a rural, suburb or urban area. This means, anyone who wishes to build his own dream home will need the services of building certifiers in Sydney. Accredited by the NSW Department of Planning, they ensure that all construction work in the city meet what’s stipulated in the Building Code of Australia, as well as the conditions of Development Consent. They have to make sure that they comply with all of the requirements of the BCA and DA that will apply to the building being constructed.

private_certifierHomeowners who hire building certifiers in Sydney can expect that they will make the building approval as seamless and quick as possible. An experienced and accredited certifier will be aware of the changing demands or requirements of the construction industry, as well as the regulatory and legislative requirements.

Builders of different kinds of projects can benefit from the services of a certifier – new homes including villas, duplexes, townhouses, even extensions to existing homes either on the ground floor or additional floors. Alterations to existing buildings like floor plans, as well as outdoor improvements like pools and garages are included. For commercial properties, works on retail spaces or offices also need a certifier. Lastly, demolition works are also included in the list. Your certifier works with you from the planning of your property all the way to the completion of the construction, making sure that everything complies with the standards set.

Private certifiers in Sydney provide a variety of services that cover all aspects of building certification from basic to complex issues. These are:

  1. Certifications and Reports – a building certification companycovers all certification and reports, from compulsory certificates, Construction Certificates needed to start with the building work to Complying Development Certificates that help commercial and residential constructions works approved without requiring a Development Application. Other certifications and reports include Interim and Final Occupation Certificates, BASIX reports and Building Code of Australia Reports.
  1. Inspections – mandatory inspections at the different stages of your construction, as well as audit inspections that checks on fire rating and sound insulation will be conducted by your building certifiers in Sydney.
  1. Planning – your certifier will help you prepare Development Applications, and at the same time manage other items like Council process and environmental issues.
  1. Advice – they will attend Council meetings and work with regulatory bodies to make the construction as smooth as possible.

In fact, going through all the steps and requirements in building your home can be stressful and even confusing for those who are not experts. But, this is why building certifiers are there to help you every step of the way and deal with a lot of the bureaucracy and paperwork for you.

Before a construction or renovation starts, make sure it is certified. Consult

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