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Sydney’s Tattoo Removal – Creating Loyalists Among Sydney’s Tourists and Guests

Tourists come to Sydney with particular reasons. Some come for business trips and others for pleasure likes surfing, enjoying the diverse entertainment activities and sports like golfing and horseracing. However, others come for certain reason – that is to have their annoying and ugly tattoos removed in Sydney clinics offering tattoo removal. Just like Jordan.tattoo_removal

While Jordan is a frequent Aussie backpacker, it was only recently that he decided to get rid of his tattoo. He had some good reasons for shunning the idea. First, the pain. Second, the ugly scars he often sees on friends’ skin after the tattoo removal and third, he couldn’t find someone he can trust to give the results he wants. Until he heard about Dr. Pico’s tattoo removal clinic down Victoria street, Darlinghurst.

Jordan just like many others had his own story to tell about his tattoo. He got it when he was 16 and enjoyed it for years. He and his little elf figure on his left forearm get pretty well especially during those wild senior high days and on that dawn to dust hiking with the gang. His little elf tattoo even helped him attracting girls on dance floors finding it cute and cool. However, times took toll on his “little elf” and soon the cool thing became an annoying blur mark with unrecognizable heads and pointed tips. Many times that he got pissed off with the way girls comment and said about his tattoo. So he declared, this is it, he has to have a tattoo removal. And have it done by Dr. Pico.

What made Jordan decide to have it done at Dr. Pico’s clinic is his fellow backpacker’s experience with the clinic. There is less pain and no ugly scars he’s scared of. This is made possible with Dr. Pico’s patented Pressure Wave Technology that delivers ultra short pulses something like of trillionth of a second into the skin while targeting only the marked tissues thus avoiding the surrounding tissues and results in no damage in the skin. Over repeated applications (per session), the ink was converted into dust-like particles and naturally got rid by the body. This laser tattoo removal technique is now a popular extra activity for many Sydney travel loyalists.

Jordan is an Aussie frequent backpacker and with his happy experience with Dr. Pico clinic over the removal of his ugly little elf tattoo; he’s counting himself now as a Sydney loyalist.

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