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The Majestic Royal Botanic Gardens

Anyone who’s been to Sydney never forgets to include the Royal Botanic Gardens into their itineraries. The charming, perfectly groomed garden simply shows how talented are the landscapers in Sydney. They can simply create magic with their hands.

But, the Royal Botanic Gardens is just one of the many. Sydney has a couple of other open gardens that are worth the visit, whether you simply want to sit down and relax, check out the plant species, or be impressed by the talent of the landscapers in Sydney. Here are some of the best places to include in your Sydney garden tour:

* Barangaroo Reserve. Originally, an industrial site, this headland park located between the Darling Harbour and Walsh Bay is a spectacle in every sense of the word. For one, its borderline is a sandstone block, which beautifully accentuates the shoreline. For another, it features a natural ecosystem designed by the landscapers in Sydney. It was recreated to please guests who have been coming in and out since the park opened in 2015.

* Centennial Parklands. If you are fond of roses, this is the place for you. It does not only have a pretty rose garden but also a column garden and a duck pond where you can while away your time and spend precious moments admiring nature’s wonders at their finest.

* Paddignton Reservoir Gardens. An old reservoir site, you will be amazed at how beautifully the industrial elements were erased and replaced by totally impressive plants complete with a charming night lighting.

* The Grounds Café. This café offers an open area where diners could enjoy their tasty meals at the heart of nature. The fabulous green ambience and impressive landscape design are achieved thanks to the kitchen gardens, the pergolas covered in vines, and the wall gardens among many other elements.

* Acre. This garden-inspired restaurant is quite unique and exciting. It features a garden-to-plate offer where diners can pick out fresh ingredients from their very own garden and have it cooked fresh. Its sustainable produce is a sure magnet for locals and foreign Sydney visitors alike.

* Botannix Studio Café. Another winning garden-inspired café that features, for the most part, the skill and ingenuity of Sydney’s affordable landscapers, is situated next to the very famous Botannix Yoga. Diners are provided a lovely café setup featuring a beautiful kitchen garden and an outdoor area where plants of varying types, sizes, and colours can be found.

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