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These Authentic Lebanese Restaurants Are Offering the Best Chicken and Chips in Australia

Are you searching for authentic Lebanese restaurants in Australia where you can enjoy eating genuine Lebanese cuisine? You may think that there are not that many of these types of restaurants in the land down under since it is too far from the Middle East. Fortunately, a number of such restaurants are offering the best chicken and chips in some of the cities in this country.

One of the genuine Lebanese Restaurants that has an outlet in Australia is Teta’s. It is located at number 25 Babbage Road, Roseville Chase, Roseville, New South Wales. They mainly serve Middle Eastern cuisine as well as vegetarian foods. If you are looking for the best chicken and chips, this place could be one option.  Teta’s is serving lunch and dinner and welcomes walk-ins. This Lebanese restaurant also takes reservations, catering and offers waiter service. The place is not only good for groups but is also very friendly to parents and their kids. Car parking will not be a problem since they have ample parking space.

Another Lebanese-centered restaurant that you may want to consider whenever you are in Australia is the Prophet Restaurant. It is located at number 274 Cleveland St., Sydney, New South Wales. This is a family owned restaurant where they strive to offer the best chicken and chips along with other authentic Lebanese foods such as babaganoush, hummus and labne. The restaurant can accommodate large groups of people since the place has downstairs and upstairs sections. Parking is also not a problem in this food place.

A third authentic Lebanese restaurant in Australia that you may want to visit is Jabalna. It is located at Shop 2/91 Great Western Highway, Emu Plains, 2750. This is one of the restaurants where you can enjoy eating great tasting Lebanese food in Sydney. You can take your family and friends there, or you can even treat your business associates with the restaurant’s varied Middle-Eastern cuisine in modern and stylish backdrops. They have a wide range of food offerings from starters, to desserts. Jabalna is offering you around 19 varieties of main dishes some of which are Grilled Lamb Platter, Shared Jabalna Plate – Chicken, Grilled Kafta Platter, and many more.

These are just three of the many authentic Lebanese restaurants in Sydney. A lot more can be found if you will do an online search for these food places. Most of them can be classified as chicken restaurants but several of these places are offering more than the winged fowl. Aside from foods, some of these restaurants are also offering beverages as well as wines and spirits.

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