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What You Need for Cross Country Vacations

netherlands-wheelUsually, people who do a European cross country tour start from France or England then travel east towards countries like Germany or north to Sweden. Then again, there is no rule to traveling so you if you want to start in the Netherlands, no one can really stop you from doing so.

Whatever your planned route is, the most important thing is that you know which form of transportation to use. Although rail stations cross most European countries and there are packaged tours being offered by travel agencies nowadays, nothing beats getting a car hire in Netherlands – auto huren and touring the rest of the continent while driving.

If you are planning on a cross country vacation, make sure that you take note of the following:

Countries which Allow You to Use the Rental

Because of the Schengen Agreement, most rental agencies allow their clients to drive to a lot of the countries in the European Union. There are some countries wherein you may be allowed to go to for an additional price but there are others which are completely restricted. Since some regulations are made by the company, it would be best if you ask what these countries are so that you wouldn’t be penalized.

Mandated Car Accessory per Country

This may sound too strict and all but every single country has their own set of traffic rules and regulations which you need to follow. If you don’t, you get a ticket. If you get a ticket, you spend so much more. For instance, you might need a first aid kit if you’re traveling to France, a reflective jacket in Germany and so many more. Take note of the license plates as well since some countries in the EU may require you to use plates that are used in their turf.

Additional Insurance

The two basic insurance policies often included in the base rate of the car hire are CDW or Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Insurance. But if you are going abroad driving this car, you will need to pay the compulsory international insurance. In this regard, you should also know that paying road taxes is a must.

There are numerous rental companies in the Netherlands. The big, international brands usually have offices in other countries, too so it would be easier to deal with certain problems which you may encounter. You will just have to compare car hire prices as well as their regulations and limitations for cross country trips.

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